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Financial Planning Options for Prospective Clients

Our Approach

We are committed to provide customized investment and financial planning services for individuals, families and business owners.  We partner with each client to serve their unique financial situations, requiring individual solutions and well thought out strategies to empower our clients to make their own decisions. Most importantly, we value the relationships and trust we hope to build.

Our Process

We follow a holistic financial planning process which allows us to understand your full financial picture - Allowing us to confidently provide personalized recommendations and make smart financial decisions with you.

In our 3 appointment process, we will connect, understand and support your financial goals. We start out by listening to you, confirming your financials, developing your plan, educating you about your plan, then we implement your plan, and lastly monitor and adjust your plan as necessary. 


Our goal is to listen to what is important to you, and then see where you are today.

Goal Setting

We will help identify the purpose of what you have, and understand your goals.


We will review your current plans, and determine if changes need to be made. If no plan has been created, we will help you create a plan that is appropriate for you goals.


Our goal is to not only to work with you on organizing, and setting goals for your customized plan. Our goal is to also help you monitor your plan each step along the way.

Our Financial Planning Packages

Financial Organization

Prepare yourself for Financial Fitness. Get the first, basic steps of Financial Planning as we become your Financial Coach. 

What do you get?

  • Investment Review
  • Retirement Planning
  • Beneficiary Review
  • Goals and Values Review
  • Behavioral Finance Coaching
  • Goal Monitoring
  • Monthly Market Insights
  • Wealth Plan (eMoney)

Advance Planning

Planning designed for growing or established families, those whose lives become busy or those whose income exceeds $75,000.

What do you get?

Financial Organization Plus:

  • Enhanced Wealth Plan (eMoney)
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Detailed-Cash Flow Planning
  • "What if" scenarios
  • ROTH Conversion Review
  • Basic Estate Planning Review

Complex Planning

For families whose net worth begins to exceed $250,000 or combined incomes exceed $150,000, it is important to look at all options for more complex situations. 

What do you get?

Advance Planning Plus:

  • Wealth Transfer Scenarios
  • Family Financial Education
  • Stock Option Analysis
  • Charitable Giving
  • Business Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Advanced Estate Planning

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Third Appointment

Implementation & Monitoring

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