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Whitsell Financial Partners

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In 2007 Justin K. Whitsell began his career in the Financial Services industry with Edward Jones. Throughout the next 4 years, the financial crisis had a major impact on clients financially and emotionally. During that time, Justin went door-to-door helping clients and potential clients navigate the financial markets. After those 4 years, Justin looked to find a firm that could support his growing practice. After looking at all major firms including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and more, he partnered with LPL Financial.

In 2011 Whitsell Wealth Management - a sole-proprietor was established. After opening the doors to our newly formed partnership with LPL Financial, previous clients began calling to request that they still work with the advisor who helped them guide them through the crisis. Since then, more than 80% of the assets have transferred to us. As our firm has grown, we have incorporated award winning money-managers, unprecedented technologies like eMoney to help clients develop a Wealth Plan to track their cash flow, investments and net worth and are now adding additional resources to keep our clients informed on their portfolios. 

Toward the end of 2013 Whitsell Wealth Management incorporated and became Whitsell Financial Partners, LLC with a primary focus of working with individual clients, families and small-business owners who want to establish goals, implement a strategy and monitor their progress toward meeting their goals.

In 2014, we partnered with Western Wealth Management, LLC an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) firm based in Colorado. They provide us with ongoing back office support for compliance and risk management, formed partnerships with Fidelity and Charles Schwab to custodian funds, provide options and flexibility to work with clients on multiple platforms. We continue to appreciate all of their support and guidance. 

We are excited to see what the future has in store for our firm!