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Prospective Clients - First Appointment - Documents

Documents For You To Provide

Before we meet for our first appointment, it is important that we receive your documents for us to review. We categorize your documents into the 3 Areas of Focus - Risk Management, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Preservation & Distribution. 

Areas of Focus 

Areas of Focus 

It is important we start from the bottom and work our way upward. This means we will start with Risk Management, then Wealth Accumulation, followed by Wealth Preservation and Distribution.

Risk Management - the foundation of investment management and financial planning.

Wealth Accumulation - once you review your risks, then we can begin to work toward your goals in wealth accumulation

Wealth Preservation & Distribution - after working toward wealth accumulation, we want to ensure there are goals and plans in place for both your income needs and transferring your wealth based on those goals and objectives.